Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Discover the flexible engagement models offered by AR Technolabs. Tailored to meet your specific business needs, our models range from fixed-price projects to dedicated team arrangements. Choose the perfect engagement model to ensure seamless collaboration and successful project outcomes. Transform your business with AR Technolabs today!

Regarding collaboration with our company, we maintain the viewpoint that every client is unique, and consequently, a range of diverse engagement models should be made available for your selection.

Project Based

As a software development firm with a specialization in the latest technologies to meet the demands of organizations like yours, we have gained a deep appreciation for the dynamic nature of the industry in which we operate. In response to the ever-evolving technology landscape and the unique needs of businesses, we have crafted the project-based engagement model. This approach enables us to efficiently assemble the necessary resources and tools for successful project execution.

  •  Ongoing communication with our team of experts, spanning from inception to conclusion.
  •  Tailored project lifecycle oversight and improvement.
  •  Adaptation of methods and strategies to align with project directives.

Ticket Based

A company such as ours, with a profound understanding of software, enterprise systems, and applications, has honed the capability to swiftly devise solutions whenever and wherever they are needed, regardless of the problem’s origin. The ticket-based engagement model is founded on the principle of empowering our clients to submit tickets for any issues, regardless of their scale, complexity, or uniqueness.

  •  Submit support requests effortlessly by initiating a ticket with just a few clicks.
  •  Address and rectify bugs or tackle substantial procedural and process-related challenges.
  •  Foster project uniformity and uninterrupted progress by eliminating inconsistencies.

Resource Based

Sometimes, the conventional approach of engaging a software development company may not align with your specific project or requirements. Rather than opting for a comprehensive service package from a company with all the associated corporate procedures, consider hiring a dedicated developer to work on-site, seamlessly assimilate into your organizational culture, and become an integral part of your team.

  •  Choose dedicated software development experts with unique skill sets and competencies.
  •  Experience full customization, scalability, and adaptability.
  •  Seamlessly integrate the resource into your existing project workflows and work culture standards.

Team Based

Another effective engagement model represents an advancement of the resource-based approach. Instead of providing a single individual expert, we form a carefully selected team of professionals tailored to the specific needs and scope of your project. By harnessing the potential of this offshore team, you’re not just enhancing your capabilities; you’re also extending your reach and broadening the horizons of your business.

  •  Embrace a diverse range of professional expertise and a fusion of various skill sets.
  •  Realize cost-efficiency through team-based offshore collaboration.
  •  Foster developmental efficiency and expertise without the complexities of recruitment.
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