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Field Walker, a mobile appliaction, stands as a revolutionary tool designed to empower clients in collecting field samples seamlessly, even in areas with no active internet connectivity. This application facilitates the easy gathering of standard tissue samples, laying the foundation for precise nutrient management in crops. Leveraging conventional tissue testing methods and integrating the proprietary SABI algorithm and machine learning from NutriAnalytics, the Field Walker app aids in generating accurate fertilization recommendations and yield predictions. This approach ensures that crops receive the right nutrients in the correct ratios at optimal times, enhancing overall agricultural productivity.

The Field Walker app, equipped with features like Data Sync, Tag A Sample functionality, multiple photo addition per sample, and offline mode capabilities, enhances the efficiency of sample collection, review, and submission.


The app, integrated with NutriAnalytics, empowers users to predict crop yields at the early stages of growth. By leveraging historical field-specific data and advanced algorithms, farmers can make informed decisions to optimize their agricultural practices and maximize yields.

NutriAnalytics, through this app, provides real-time optimization of nutrient balance in crops. The platform’s ability to analyze and recommend the correct combination of nutrients ensures that crops receive the necessary elements in the right ratios, contributing to healthier and more productive plants.
The app facilitates data synchronization and analysis, allowing farmers to receive comprehensive fertilization recommendations based on precise sample data.

The app introduces smart sample management features such as a smart numbering system, tagging functionality, and the ability to add multiple photos per sample. These features streamline the sample collection process.


The app incorporates a user-friendly data sync feature with automated reminders at regular intervals.

The app allows farmers to attach multiple photos to each sample, facilitating a more comprehensive visual record. This feature enables users to capture various aspects of the sample, aiding in detailed documentation and analysis.

Farmers can collect samples in offline mode, providing flexibility in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. The app stores samples locally, allowing users to continue their fieldwork seamlessly, and uploads the data once a connection is reestablished.

The app introduces an intelligent sample numbering system, streamlining the sample collection process. This feature ensures that each sample is uniquely identified.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface for managing samples. Users can review, edit, and submit pending samples, providing a convenient way to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data.
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The Challenge

Implementing the ‘Tag A Sample’ functionality with a sophisticated tagging system was a challenge.

Allowing multiple photo attachments per sample demanded overcoming challenges related to file size, format compatibility, and efficient storage.

Creating an intuitive interface for users to review, edit, and submit pending samples presented a challenge in terms of streamlining the workflow.

What did AR
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To address the challenges, we implemented several solutions:

  • Tagging System Implementation: We developed a robust tagging system that allowed for efficient categorization of samples. This involved designing a flexible architecture that could accommodate various tagging requirements while ensuring ease of use for users.

  • Multiple Photo Attachments: To overcome challenges related to file size and format compatibility, we implemented a file compression mechanism and supported a wide range of image formats. Additionally, we optimized storage by implementing a cloud-based storage solution that could dynamically allocate space based on demand.

  • Intuitive Interface: We redesigned the user interface to streamline the workflow for reviewing, editing, and submitting samples. This included simplifying navigation, providing clear instructions, and incorporating user feedback to enhance usability. We also implemented features such as drag-and-drop functionality and real-time previews to improve the user experience.

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The Results

The technology that we use to support Field Walker

Rest API

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