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Longevity Cards innovates financial and well-being sectors with a secure Payment Card web app. It integrates diverse payment functionalities and a unique Health system, offering Fitness and Nutrition Advice, Longevity Stories, Health Insights, and Mindfulness Exercises. Designed for individuals planning extended, healthy lives, it includes a premier Marketplace for top global wellness brands.

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The Challenge

Building and Managing Multiple Portals: AR Technolabs specializes in building and managing multiple portals efficiently.

Rapid MVP Delivery: They excel in delivering MVPs swiftly even with limited resources, ensuring timely project completion.

Key Features Development: AR Technolabs implemented a charts library for visual data representation in the Longevity Cards Application. They also developed a user-friendly meal planner and a personalized fitness advice planner to enhance user experience and engagement.

What did AR
Technolabs do

Development of Longevity Cards Application: AR Technolabs spearheaded the development of the Longevity Cards application, prioritizing security and integration of diverse payment functionalities with robust transaction capabilities and a unique Health system.

Seamless User Experience: They made sure that users had a seamless experience by streamlining payment procedures and introducing functions like advanced anti-fraud systems, meal planning, daily activity analysis, and the ability to manage several currencies in one marketplace.

Emphasis on Financial Stability and Well-Being: In keeping with the changing demands of contemporary consumers, AR Technolabs’ creative approach concentrated on improving financial stability and general well-being for both personal and corporate users.

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The Results

The technology that we use to support Longetivity Card

ChartJS Plugin Datalabels
Vue Slick Carousel
Laravel Sanctum

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