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The MLMT App, is designed to cater to the daily needs of travelers, offering a personalized and comprehensive solution to streamline their journey. Recognizing the time-consuming nature of searching for essential information while on the go, the app aims to simplify the travel experience. It provides users with a complete itinerary that can be customized based on personal preferences and additional experiences.

The app covers various aspects of the trip, including hotel stays with room types and amenities, flight and commute details, destination recommendations, and access to travel vouchers. Additionally, the app includes emergency contacts for each city, ensuring that users have essential information at their fingertips.

The app offers users a personalized travel experience by allowing them to create and customize their complete itinerary. This ensures that their travel plans align with their preferences and interests.

Users can save valuable time with efficient trip planning features. The app consolidates essential travel details such as flight, train, and commute information, hotel stays, and recommendations for each destination, streamlining the planning process.

Travelers have the convenience of accessing their travel vouchers both online and offline, providing flexibility and peace of mind, especially in areas with limited connectivity.

The app serves as a one-stop solution for travelers, providing 24×7 support, customized itineraries, and a variety of travel styles.

The app offers a user-friendly interface for creating a personalized itinerary. Users can easily add, modify, or remove activities to tailor their travel plans according to their preferences.

The platform provides real-time updates on various travel details, including flight schedules, train timings, and commute information.

Users can explore interactive recommendations for each destination they visit. The app suggests places to visit, activities to engage in, and local attractions, providing a curated guide for a memorable travel experience.

The app incorporates a digital voucher management system, allowing users to conveniently access and manage their travel vouchers both online and offline. This feature ensures accessibility even in areas with limited internet connectivity.

Enhancing user safety, the app includes a feature with emergency contacts for each city. In case of unforeseen circumstances, users have immediate access to essential contacts.


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The Challenge

Providing users with the ability to access their travel vouchers offline presented a challenge. Ensuring a smooth transition between online and offline modes without compromising data integrity was a challenging.

Implementing real-time updates for travel details, including flights and train timings, presented a challenge due to the dynamic nature of this information.

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To address the challenge of providing users with access to their travel vouchers offline, we implemented a robust solution that allowed for seamless transition between online and offline modes while maintaining data integrity. This involved developing a mobile application or platform that stored travel vouchers locally on users’ devices, enabling them to access their vouchers even without an internet connection. Additionally, we ensured that the application could synchronize data with the server once an internet connection was available, updating any changes made during offline usage.

For the challenge of implementing real-time updates for travel details such as flights and train timings, we employed techniques to integrate with reliable data sources that offer real-time information. This may involve connecting with APIs provided by airlines, train companies, or other relevant service providers to fetch the latest data on schedules and timings. Furthermore, we designed the system architecture to efficiently handle dynamic updates, ensuring that users receive accurate and up-to-date information whenever they access the platform or application. Continuous monitoring and maintenance of the data integration process are crucial to address any discrepancies or delays in real-time updates and to ensure a smooth user experience.

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The Results

The technology that we use to support MLMT

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