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About RNC Valucon LLP

RNC Valuecon LLP (RNC) is one of the largest valuation firms in the country specializing in Valuations of Land & Building, Plant & Machinery for Large Corporates & Industries Business valuations.

The Challenge

RNC’s entire process from Marketing, Sales, Execution & Invoicing was done manually in excel and word documents which resulted in data loss due to lack of data management system, decreased efficiency of Employees due to loss of time and efforts for doing the entire activities manually and limited reporting capabilities that hindered the management to take proper and timely decisions.

Problem Statement: Time Management: Manual Entry and lot of time is wasted that hampers the work flow.

Data Management: Data is stored in single place that results to get a well-structured data

Report Management: Generates Reports which helps Management to take an uniform decision,


RNC customized an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed for their valuation requirement. The system offered modules for:

Client Relationship Management (CRM): Manage Total numbers of Leads generated, analyse total business, set target for Business Development & track performance of Business Dev
elopment Team.

Project Management System (PMS): Track Cases assigned to Engineers, with different stages of execution and also track deadlines/TAT for each assignment.

Database Management: Store and manage their customer’s database efficiently.

Invoice & Payment Management: Tracks Invoice generation process, Payments & Receipts.
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RNC experienced significant improvements in their Work flow that increased their revenue significantly:



RNC’s successful ERP implementation demonstrates the value that an ERP system offer to valuation firms in India & Globally. By streamlining all processes from Sales to Execution and payments, improving data management, and enhancing reporting capabilities, RNC gained a competitive edge and positioned itself for future success.

Technology Used to support
RNC Valuecon LLP

Yii 2
PHP Excel
Hosting & Domain Support

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