The PHP Framework for Web Artisans


Laravel, which is a free and open-source PHP framework meant for developing web applications using the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Taylor Otwell, in 2011, created Laravel with developers’ easy handling in mind as well as preservation of application’s functionalities by simplifying functions such as routing, authentication, sessions and caching into a powerful tool for robust web development.

Popular Python Framework

Laravel Nova

For Laravel projects, the exquisitely designed administration panel is called Laravel Nova. With its many capabilities, including custom fields, CRUD generation, metrics, and more, developers can easily create robust backends.

Laravel Jetstream

For Laravel apps, Laravel Jetstream is a stylish scaffolding and authentication library. Developers can swiftly set up safe user authentication systems with its customisable authentication templates, two-factor authentication, and team management tools.

Laravel Sanctum

A simple package for API authentication for Laravel apps is called Laravel Sanctum. It makes it simple to secure API endpoints and authenticate users in contemporary web applications by providing token-based authentication, SPA (Single Page Application) authentication, and API token management.

Laravel Spark

A whole SaaS (Software as a Service) application boilerplate for Laravel apps is called Laravel Spark. Developers may create and sell subscription-based web apps with its features, which include user billing, subscription management, team collaboration, and more.

Laravel Horizon

For Laravel apps, Laravel Horizon is a potent queue monitoring tool. With its configurable dashboards, real-time task processing information, and failed job monitoring, it enables developers to effectively monitor and manage queue workers.

Key Features

MVC Architecture

As an MVC framework, Laravel allows users to keep the business logic away from the presentation layer thus improving organization of code and making it easily maintainable.

Routing System

The easy-to-set-up yet flexible routing system provided by Laravel allows developers to specify routes in an intuitive manner thereby enabling them to deal with HTTP requests conveniently.

Eloquent ORM

Eloquent is the object-relational mapping (ORM) implementation included with Laravel that makes it easier for developers to interact with databases through PHP.

Elegant Syntax

One thing that distinguishes Laravel from other frameworks is its expressive and easily understandable elegant syntax making it ideal for both beginners and experienced programmers hence promoting clean and readable code lines.

Blade Templating Engine

A dynamic web page can be created easily because Blade which is found within Laravel has got template inheritance plus data display capabilities.

The Application of Laravel

Web Applications

Various industries use Laravel for creating strong and scalable web applications. This makes it ideal for conducting both complex and easy-to-use projects as its set of features and tools automate the developmental processes.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Due to its flexibility, developers can create custom content management systems on a Laravel platform that meet specific business requirements.

E-commerce Platforms

The creation of powerful e-commerce platforms is done through Laravel including product management, payment integration, order processing among other functionalities.

Game Development

Even though not widely used for many other purposes, python can also be used in game development. Libraries like Pygame support creation of simple games plus graphical applications.


In building API’s which are consumed by mobile applications or web, RESTful routing in Laravel is excellent.

SaaS Applications

With its scalability and availability of features like subscription billing and user management, Laravel is perfect when developing Software as a Service(SaaS) applications.


Rapid Development

Fast application development can be achieved using features such as Artisan CLI and Eloquent ORM which Lavarel has in store.

Community and Support

It has an active community with massive resources that include tutorials or packages which extend its functionality.

Modular Packaging System

For package dependency management ,Laravel uses composer.

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