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React Native is a free and open-source framework developed by Facebook for creating mobile applications using JavaScript and React – a JavaScript library it powers. React native was first released in 2015, and since then, it has allowed developers to create natively rendered applications for iOS and Android — all from one codebase. Thanks to Facebook’s React, it has become possible to create rich, performant, and scalable applications for mobile platforms.

Popular React Native Framework


Expo is a suite of services and tools designed to work with React Native to make it easier for developers to create, implement, and maintain React Native applications. It makes React Native programming simpler by offering features including build tools, over-the-air updates, and a development environment.

React Navigation

For React Native projects, React Navigation is a routing and navigation library. For creating intricate navigation patterns in React Native apps, like drawer, tab, and stack navigation, it offers an adaptable and configurable navigation solution.


For JavaScript applications, including React Native apps, Redux is a reliable state container. It facilitates predictable and consistent state management for your application, which makes it simpler to test, debug, and maintain your React Native apps as they get more complicated.


For React Native applications, NativeBase is a library of UI components. It gives developers the ability to create stunning and responsive user interfaces for their React Native apps by offering a collection of pre-designed and customisable UI components, such buttons, cards, and lists, that adhere to Material Design and iOS design principles.

Key Features

Codebase across Multiple Platforms

Developers can write a single set of code that will run across both iOS and Android platforms. This significantly reduces development work time and effort while at the same time ensuring native experience across devices.

JavaScript and React

React Native is based on JavaScript and React, which makes it useful for every web developer who is already attuned to these two. React provides a component-based architecture that, in turn, routes the reusability of code and readability.

Native Components

React Native has a set of in-built components that map natively to native UI primitives and, as a result, ensure native look and feel for the applications. Developers can go a step further and integrate native code to have access to platform-specific features and optimize performance.

Hot reloading

allows React Native developers to see the changes they make at a glance, without necessarily restarting the app. This speeds up the development process even more by supporting fast iterations while digesting feedback on the fly.

Applications of React Native

Mobile Apps

Other mobile applications can be developed using the React Native base for iOS and Android platforms. These apps include social network apps, application software, e-commerce apps, productivity apps, etc.

Enterprise Solutions

Leading enterprises adopt React Native as an enterprise solution for cross-platform business application development to experience steadiness in its use and cost-effectiveness in its development, enabling rapid development for internal tools, employee-facing apps, and customer engagement solutions.


is very easy and fast with React Native. It's going to do that because it's cross-platform. Additionally, it helps startups and businesses quickly and efficiently validate their ideas.

Support for Third-Party Plugins

React Native supports a wide range of third-party plugins, allowing developers to integrate various functionalities such as maps, payments, and analytics seamlessly into their applications.



a single code base for iOS and Android, which considerably reduces development time and effort, the term to market, and support.

Developer Experience

Using JavaScript and React, a web developer can get into mobile app development with ease, increasing interoperability and knowledge sharing within the team to an even greater extent.

Hot reloading

Development work becomes fast and efficient with instant feedback.

Community and Ecosystem Support

A large community and robust ecosystem provide a lot of resources, libraries, and tools that help in development and further enable one to troubleshoot problems.

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