The High-Performance PHP Framework


Yii stands for “Yes, it is!” It is a very high-performance component-based PHP framework for developing large complex modern web applications. The framework has been in development since 2008 by Qiang Xue with the intention to be remarkably fast, secure, and extensible. Yii follows the architectural pattern of model-view-controller (MVC) and is ideally suited for large-scale applications due to powerful supporting for caching and many other features.

Popular Yii Framework

Yii2 Framework

With its robust MVC architecture and high performance PHP framework, Yii2 is perfect for creating safe and scalable online applications.

Yii3 Framework

Yii3, the next-generation Yii framework, claims to use best practices and contemporary PHP capabilities to improve efficiency and productivity.


With pre-configured settings and components, Yii-Boilerplate streamlines development and offers a strong basis for Yii applications.


Yii-Debug is a debugging and profiling tool that provides information on performance metrics, logs, and queries for Yii projects.

Key Features


Yii has been purposely designed to ensure it is high performing and remains one of the fastest PHP frameworks. It uses a lot of lazy loading, so only the features needed are actually loaded—reducing memory consumption and boosting speed.

Design Based on Components

Yii's architecture is very component-based; hence, developers can customize or replace almost every piece of the core framework to better serve their needs.

MVC Architecture

The Yii follows the MVC design pattern in decoupling business logic from the view level and thus increases the maintainability and code testability.


Yii by default includes various security measures, such as input validation, output filtering, SQL injection prevention, CSRF prevention, and so on. Code generation using Gii: Yii comes with a powerful built-in code generation tool that initially includes quick model, controller, form, module creation and more.

Applications of Yii

Web Applications

Yii is ideal for any web application, from the very beginning with simple websites to complex business applications.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Yii can be used to develop robust and tailored CMS applications, providing solid content and user management services.


Yii is suitable for the development of fierce e-commerce sites that can handle high traffic volumes and secure transactions with optimization.


Yii makes it easy to develop RESTful APIs for enabling your application to interact with those of other third parties.



Yii is acknowledged for its extraordinary performance, enabled because of the really efficient architecture and good support for caching.


Yii is bundled with a large number of security features, which makes an application well-protected from common vulnerabilities.

Flexibility and Extensibility

Yii is based on the architecture which is component-oriented and very customizable, so it can adapt well to all project requirements. Code Generation: Gii speeds development through code boilerplating, hence reducing the time taken in just typing code.

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